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Sun Shower Waiver

As required by legislation, we have a duty to ensure that you are aware of the risks associated with tanning using a an Ultraviolet light tanning bed/ shower.

In addition to this we must keep a record declaration that you understand 

and that you wish to proceed with the use of our tanning facilities while fully aware of these risks.

Please read the document in the link below, then complete the waiver form to confirm that you understand the risks and are happy to proceed.

Please read the following information carefully

A UVA suntanning system should be treated with the same caution as natural sunlight. A suntan should be built gradually, particularly with fair, sensitive skin.

Never repeat UVA suntan treatment if any signs of redness remain from previous sunbathing. It is recommended that a minimum off 24 hours lapses between each session. GOGGLES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES during exposure. Contact lenses should be removed. Avoid looking directly at the tubes/ lamps while using the equipment.


Persons with sensitive skin or no existing suntan should restrict their first few sessions to a maximum of half the recommended time.



It is important that skin is thoroughly clean before suntanning. All traces of perfume, cologne and make up should be removed in advance. Specific moisturisers or accelerator creams can be applied before or after suntan treatments (please only use those provided by Immerse Fitness as others may damage the sunbed).

Further risks can be found by clicking the button below

Skin Type

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Medical Information

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