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Personal Training

Wondering what personal Training is about?

Firstly, forget any horror stories you've heard.......


Personal Trainers (well ours anyway) are actually really nice, highly qualified people, who want to use their expertise to train you and help you achieve your goals.

We're not going to stand there screaming at you and make you do exercises that you hate (unless you ask us to of course!)

What we will do, is coach you and build you a training program based on your goals, but just as importantly, coach you in a way to ensure you enjoy the training.

So whether you're an experienced gym user that would like to take your fitness or strength to the next level and improve performance or someone that is looking for inspiration or motivation, maybe build some confidence on the gym floor?  


Then Personal Training at Immerse can help you!

Our Personal Trainers all have different backgrounds, areas of interest/ specialism, experience and training styles.


So whether you goal is weightloss, strength and conditioning, mobility, returning to exercise from injury or anything else we've got it covered!

Still not sure?

Enter your details below and we'll call you back for a friendly chat about what you would like to achieve and arrange a complementary training session to see if it's right for you!


Check out our Personal Trainer profiles here!

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Image by Sam Moqadam
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