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Sports Injury


Keeping you moving effectively and enjoying your fitness activities

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Returning to exercise following or during recover from injury

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Therapy and treatments to support improvements to your performance

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Massage Therapy

explanation of therapy

Massage Therapy

If you’re a regular exerciser, you’ll probably experienced at some time or another, some of the side effects of vigorous exercise. Whether this is as simple as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) or tight muscles, stiffness of joints, reduced flexibility and or range of motion; or perhaps you've even had the misfortune of something as significant as an injury, you’ll also know how frustrating is is when that issue or condition prevents or limits you in your favourite classes, activities or exercises.


Massage Therapy has many benefits for the regular exerciser, especially those who do more than the average person or undertake strenuous activities - event the simplest of benefits can be achieved from regular deep tissue massage to maintain good overall muscle function; ensuring that the muscle fibres can glide across each other freely, allowing full stretching and contraction of the muscle body.


Regular maintenance massage can also help reduce the likelihood of injury occurring.


For more specific issues such as a recent injury, symptoms from a previous injury or even the stresses from regular intensive exercise can benefit greatly from massage.


Sports massage would be the therapy of choice as it consists of a range of procedures from assessment and analysis of posture, flexibility, range of motion of a joint as well as massage that can target specific areas of issue.

SMT often includes a range of passive stretching 

Sports or Deep Tissue?

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