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Immerse Referral Scheme

We're excited to launch the brand new Immerse referral scheme!


We realise that out members often

introduce others (friends, family colleagues etc.) to Immerse Fitness.


So we decided it was time that we rewarded those who do (and encourage you to refer more!!).


We also want to keep it simple, so here is what is on offer to anybody who refers others to come and Immerse themselves in fitness!

For each type of member that you refer we will offer you:

Drop in classes:


Get a 5 class (drop in/ Pay as you go) class-pack at no cost when you refer someone and they book on to their 3rd pay as you go class.

Pay Monthly Memberships:


Refer someone - when they sign up for a membership - you get 50% of your membership fee refunded for the 1st 3 months if your friend/ family member/ colleague continues with their membership


You can choose 2 free Personal Training sessions or massage treatments.

Immerse 6 Week Challenge:


Refer someone that signs up to the 6 Week challenge and we will offer you either.

5 x session class pack for 6 week, 2 free Personal Training Sessions or Massage Treatments.

Personal Training:


Refer someone that purchases a block booking for PT and get 20% off your next PT block booking *

Massage Therapy:


Refer a friend that books a massage and get 20% off your next massage

*applicable on block of 10 bookings

How to refer


To refer someone to Immerse Fitness, simply let us know their details, in person, by email, message etc. (obviously with their permission) when they download and set up the Immerse App and then book onto classes, sign up for membership, pay for Personal Training or whatever; and we'll make sure you get rewarded! 

And one last thing!


Just to say thank you for your continued membership!




The Immerse Team.








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